Airtag Credit Card Holder

$79.99 $159.98

Have you ever seen or heard of RFID? Scammers can use radio frequencies rather than the usual magnetic tap to access your card. Or do you find yourself forgetting where you left your wallet? Scary I know. Rest assured, LTec has the tool for your need.


Our team have worked hard to develop the perfect RFID BLOCKER. This product includes RFID blocking technology to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, protect your Credit Cards, Debit Cards and ID Cards from electronic pick pocketing. This slim cardholder has also been designed to fully support Apple Airtag, so that you will never lose your cards again.



✅ Financial Security

✅ Light and adaptable

✅ Stylish

✅ Easy to use

✅ Thousands of happy customers

✅ Long Lasting 


How it works:

With our device – simply place your Credit Cards, Debit Cards or ID Cards into the security wallet. It takes no time at all to ensure the safety of your money.




    Why You Should Choose LTec Security Wallet

    Thousands of people around the world are scammed every day just by simply walking down the street. That scares us. Plus thousands of people loose their wallets every day and can spend hours looking for it. Our Security wallet will remove all the stress’s that comes with being scammed and loosing your cards. And plus its stylish.


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